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Nami Island Part 2

cute nun saram
안녕하세요~ 리안 입니다^^ 반갑습니다
It's the second part of Nami island. After finish take atour with electric car, I began to walk around. I saw many students rent bike.
Rental price:
One person: 4,000 won (30 min) / 7,000 won (1 hr)
Tandem: 8,000 won (30 min) / 14,000 won (1 hr)
Electronic bicycle: 10,000 won (30 min) / 18,000 won (1 hr).
The weather was nice, but a little bit windy. There is pretty welcome board too. I always come here on spring, so I want to know how it's feel on autumn. I'm not a fan of cold weather a.k.a winter, I'm not curios about how Nami island on winter.

Me and my friends split up here. I taking some alone time, enjoying the wind and take many picture and video. I take some selca too^^
rail UNICEF train
There is UNICEF train here. It cost for 3,000 won. The train is cute. I think it's board every hour. I want to ride it, but I miss the timing.
General Nami tomb
The tomb of General Nami was designated as Gyeonggi-do Monument No. 13. Nami island was actually named after him. The local people of Nami Island believe that it would bring bad luck in the family to take a rock from the stone mound. When the island was developed into a tourist attraction, the stone mound was refined and decorated for preservation. Information Network Village
It was my first time saw many ostrich. Are they present last year? I don't remember see it. Maybe because I didn't explore this area last year.

They have boards with greetings and flags from many country. I saw Asian, Europe, and American country.
Was it scary? The goblin statue? When I heard the word goblin, I automatically remember the Korean actor Gong Yoo. The Goblin drama was really a big hit!

When I pass by a food store, I saw many people looking up at the roof. I stop and saw a beautiful cenderawasih bird at the top. I waiting for the bird to open her tail, I heard it really beautiful. But after waiting for sometime, I leave the places. Many people still waiting and recording there.

I wandering at a studio, and saw ceramic pot and ceramic snowman. It's cute. I resist myself to touch those thing.
That was my story for this time. See you next time^^ Bye bye~ 안녕!

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