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Busan Cinema Center - 영화의전당

Busan Cinema Center (also called "Dureraum," meaning enjoying seeing movies all together in Korean) is an official venue of the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) -one of the most popular film festivals in Asia- and has become a sumbol of the festival itself.
From an architectural perspective, the center is a historic work that embodies the theories of deconstructivism while exhibiting a sense of formative beauty. The center's 'Big Roof' is the largest roof in the world (2.6 times larger than a soccer field) and comes complete with 42,600 LED lights, which help create an unforgettable scene along with Suyeong River and Naru Park.
The Cinema Center consists of 3 buildings: Cine Mountain, Biff Hill, and Double Cone. The main building, Cine Mountain, has 3 theaters for screening movies and one performing arts theater, called 'Haneulyeon,' featuring the world's best stage performances. Busan Cinema Center is said to be the first culture complex worldwide to combine movie theaters and a performing arts center in one building.

Structure Size
Land: 32,137m2
Building: 54,335m2 (B1-9F)

  • Haneulyeon Theatre (1-5F): 841 seats. As the main theatre of the Busan Cinema Centre, Haneulyeon Theatre was designed for all kinds of different performances. It can accommodate various different kinds of production depending on their direction, as 48 batons are installed around the 16.8 meter by 10 meter stage.
  • Cinemountain (7-8F). Cinema I (413 seats) and Cinema II (212 seats). Film screenings, film previews and meetings with the audience are held in the mid-sized theatre and small theatre, which are equipped to show all manner of historic and contemporary images in a wide range.
  • Cinematheque (Cinemountain 7-8F): 212 seats. Cinematheque, which is a Frence word meaning cinema archieve, is an institution that collects, stores and shows films and film-related materials to preserve them for the future, in recognition of the importance of movies as valuable cultural heritage. The Cinematheque Busan opened in 1999 at Suyeong Marinain Busan, and was the first theatre which fulfils the functions of cinematheque in Korea. It showed anually over 350 high qualify classics, art and independence films and provided the time and place for the earnest conversation to take place on the subject of films for the audience, students, cinephiles, and scholars. In October 2011, Cinematheque Busan is relocated to the Busan Cinema Center, making it possible to invite a wider audience of film lovers to a enjoy more diverse screening program in a more comfortable environment with improved facilities. The Cinematheque theatre can screen independent, classical and art films and hold movie previews, meetings with audiences, etc.
1. BIFF Organizing Committee
BIFF Organizing Committee has overseen the BIFF ever since its first edition in 1996, putting on an annual film festival for 9 days in October that introduces domestic and foreign films to a wider audience. The committee office is located at BIFF Hill in the Busan Cinema Center. During the festival, all theatres in the Busan Cinema Center show movies, while the opening and closing ceremonies are held at the BIFF theatre.
Every year, about 200,000 moviegoers enjoy some 300 movies from about 70 countries from all over the world. As well as introducing Korean and world movies, BIFF is contributing to the development of the movie industry in Busan and across the Asian region by running the Asian Movie Academy for cultivating Asian movie-related personnel, the Asian Movie Fund which is a production support program and the Asian Film Market which is emerging as the best market of its kind in Asia.
The festival changed its official name from PIFF to BIFF, or the Busan International FIlm Festival, in 2011 to mark the beginning of a new era with the Cinema Center as it hearts.

2. Cinematheque
  • Cinema Education Center BIFF Hill 2F. The Cinema Education Center in Busan Cinema Center offers general and intensive courses for the individuals who want to learn about movies, culture and art, and the actual process of film making.
  • Film Archive. Cinematheque Busan founded Busan Asia Film Archive in 2007, to collect and preserve films focuses on the works of Asian classics and contemporary films by recognizing the importance of "Asian Film Heritage." The motion picture collection of Busan Asia Film Archive holds classics of Asian master directors such as Jang Chul, Masmura Yasjo, and Naruse Mikio and continues to offer public access to our holdings. We also collect films from "New Currents" section, the only competition section of Busan International Film Festival. Moreover, we are making efforts to collect local documentary films of Busan region. Now, Busan Asia Film Archive moves to its new location at Busan Cinema Center and is able to preserve and restore films that would otherwise be lost through chemical decomposition and miss-handling. Busan Asia Film Archive will be devoted to ensuring that the collective world heritage of motion pictures is cared for and preserved for future generations.
  • Film Projection Room. This multi-purpose facility can be used for technical previews in the movie making process, the presearch of entry films for archieved film and the BIFF, and small previews of small-scale organizations, etc. and is also able to accommodate film and digital screening.
3. Double Cone
1st floor: Cafe, Visitor Center, Information Center
2nd floor: Restaurant, Bar
3rd floor: Restaurant, Bar
4th Floor: Restaurant, Bar

4. BIFF Theatre
Biff Theatre, where the BIFF Opening and Closing Ceremonies are held, has a capacity of 4,000 seats and holds film screenings, shows and other events. It is equipped with live broadcast devices that are capable of telecasting at the Haneulyeon Theatre and 3 other cinemas. The distance between the outdoor screen and the projector is 60 m, the longest distance anywhere in Korea, and the screen's size at 24 m by 13 m makes it the largest outdoor screen in Korea.

Admission/Participation Fees
Movie tickets: 7,000 won
Cinematheque: 5,000 won
Performances: Varies by performance

120, Suyeonggangbyeon-daero, Haeundae-gu, Busan
부산광역시 해운대구 수영강변대로 120 (우동)

Centum City Station (Busan Subway Line 2), exit 6.
Go straight 270m and turn left onto Centum 5-ro Road.
Continue 250m, Until you see the Busan Cinema Center on the right.

[Bus] (bound for Shinsegae Department Store)
5-1, 36, 39, 40, 63, 115, 139, 141, 155, 181, 307, 1001, 1002

[Airport Limousine Bus]
From Gimhae International Airport, take a Limousine Bus (Route 2).
Get off at Bexco Bus Stop.

www.dureraum.org (Korean, English)

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