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The Spy: Undercover Operation

Movie: The Spy: Undercover Operation
Hangul: 스파이
Director: Yi Seung Jun
Writer: Park Soo Jin, Yoon Je Gyun
Producer, Lee Sang Jik, Yoon Je Gyun
Cinematographer: Choi Jin Woong, Hong Jae Sik
Release Date: September 5, 2013
Runtime: 121 minutes
Production Company: JK Film
Distributor: CJ Entertainment
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

A secret agent, who hides his true identity from his wife, works on a case that affects entire country of South Korea.
Chul Soo is the secret agent who hides his occupation from others, including his flight attendant wife Young Hee. One day, Chul Soo tells his wife that he will go to Busan, South Korea for business, but actually travels to Bangkok, Thailand to carry out a national operation. While in Bangkok, Chul Soo spots his wife Young Hee, who is supposed to be in South Korea, with a good looking man named Ryan. Chul Soo hands his hands full with his mission, but also following his wife.

Sol Kyung Gu - Chul Soo
Moon So Ri - Young Hee
Daniel Henney - Ryan
Han Ye Ri - Baek Sul Hee
Ko Chang Seok - Department Head Jinn
Ra Mi Ran - yogurt delivery woman
Lee Eun Woo - flight attendance

뼝~~ I'm back^^ This movie's so funny, and i love the action scene and the driving scene. Daniel Henney so handsome, I like him.. kekeke. But in the end of the movie, he is.... so upset~ just watch it to know the ending. Review 시작해요~~~
In Somalia, Chul Soo negotiate with the pirates to save the Korean people that become the hostage of the pirates. Chul Soo ended to attacking the pirates, the shot fire started everywhere. When Chul Soo go back to his hometown, he scolded by his wife because he is late to his mother birthday party.
Meanwhile, the plane that bring the North Korean Vice Foreign Minister attacked by a missile. All the passenger was killed. The daughter (Baek Sul Hee) of the late Vice Foreign Minister contacted the South Korean Government and asking for political asylum. Chul Soo going to Thailand to get her.
When Chul Soo and the team try to save Baek Sul Hee, she was kidnapped by Ryan before they met her. Ryan killed some of the Chul Soo team. Chul Soo fighting with the North Korean agents, meanwhile there is gunshoot fighting between Ryan and the guards. Both Chul Soo and Ryan lost Baek Sul Hee. She was take by CIA and being questioned by the agent.
Chul Soo met his wife, Young Hee and following her. Young Hee met Ryan and have a drink with him. Chul Soo following them around and taking their picture. Ryan take her to her room. Chul Soo going crazy thinking his wife cheating. Chul Soo asked the company checking about Ryan.
Chul Soo and the team try to sneak to the CIA office and try to get Baek. When he disguise as a waiter, he saw his wife and Ryan. He lost his concentration on the mission. But Chul Soo found out the CIA office, and going there alone. The team is panicking because he didn't wait for backing up.
Meanwhile, there is gunshoot at the restaurant. Chul Soo ask his superior to take care of her wife while he saving Baek. He is rushing to go back to the restaurant and save his wife. Baek told everything about AJ company, who was killed her father and the reason behind it. They found out that Ryan is one of the AJ company people. But Ryan betrayed the company and have other plan.
Ryan kidnapping Chul Soo's wife, and he asked for Baek. Chul Soo got panicked and he bring Baek with and go to Ryan. They found out that Ryan want to shoot a missile to Pyongyang to start the war between South Korea and North Korea. Chul Soo team starting the operation to saving his wife and Baek.


Source: Asian Wiki, review by poe_rea, groovia tv, Hermosa USA, MrCJENTERTAINMENT

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