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Day 3 - Nami Island

안녕하세요~ 리안 입니다^^ 반갑습니다
Hello^^ I'm Riana~
It's my third day in Seoul. We will go to Nami Island. The night before I book ITX ticket from Yongsan to Gapyeong at this site korail. The trip takes around 60 minutes.
The problem is, I need to print the ticket and the printer at our guest house was broken TT.TT I ask where is the nearest PC room, the employee search it for me.
I wake my friends to accompany me, because it's past midnight. We walk together, and there's many people picnic at the park. I feel relieved becauseI never walk around midnight before
arrive at Gapyeong Station
We went to Yongsan station and ride the ITX. I slept all the way to Gapyeong. The ITX ticket is for 5,200 won. We ride taxi to go to Nami Island. I think the taxi fare was for 4,000/5,000 won.
It was my third visit here in Nami. I came here every year. It's so green, the air is clean. It's my first time experiencing yellow dust TT.TT 
Namiseom Island was formed as a result of the construction of Cheongpyeong Dam. It is a half moon-shaped isle, and on it is the grave of General Nami, who led a great victory against the rebels in the 13th year of the 7th king of the Joseon Dynasty, King Sejo (reign 1455-1468)
Namiseom Island is famous for its beautiful tree lined roads. A special feature of Namiseom Island is that there are no telephone poles. This is because allelectric wires were built underground to keep the natural feeling of the landscpae. The island is 553,560 square yards with chestnut trees and poplar trees throughout
In the middle of the isle, there is a grass field about 316,320 square yards. It features education and training facilities and camping sites. The island also has a swimming pool and water-sports facilities for motorboats and water skiing. as well as a theme park with a merry-go-round, shooting range, and roller skating rink. visit korea  
I rent electronic car tour for 5,000 won. It's because I never explore the outer part of Nami Island. I'm too lazy to walk this huge island TT.TT 
Many squirel jumping and running. I capture it on my video too. It's cute but scare me when it come closer. Did it bite? 

The scenery really beautiful. Plant and lake. It's really refreshing. It's hot and windy, really nice weather for picnic^^

Electric car tour driver explaining the all the area that we see. I just catch some or two thing, because I'm not really fluent in Korean language.
There will be another part about Nami Island. Maybe I will post it next week.
See you next time! Bye bye~ 안녕^^

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