Kamis, 04 Mei 2017

Tamblingan Lake

cute decoration

Last month was Ika's prewedding photoshoot. I spent the night at Ika's house. It was my first time come to her house. I can't sleep that night, because of the new environtment. We woke around 1 am. Showering and get ready to the salon. Ika was drive the car, and that was scary. I just close my eyes and try to sleep.
We arrived around 3 am, I occupying a bed and try to sleep some more time. I slept again on the way to Tamblingan Lake.
Tamblingan Lake
It was chilly and I saw mist there. I saw 3 others couple having prewedding photoshoot. I saw a couple wear black dress and blue dress. It was beautiful. The locals said the lake water level rises today. Luckily there was no rain today. Ika and her fiancee went to the middle of the lake using small boat there. I talked with the locals there while waiting for them. We talked about the visitor who come for photoshoot. He say many people outside the island come here for photoshoot.
riding small boat
I went around to record and take some picture. I can't see the sunshine here. I heard the people chase for the fog here for the great photo effect.
I found some cute purple flower. It small and looks cute. I don't know the name of this flower. I have limited knowledge about flower. It was my second time to come to Tamblingan Lake. The weather was really good, chill and refreshing. I can hear many bird sound. I saw many stork too. I like the chill feelings and I love the grass small.
We take a picture together. Me, Ika and her cousin after their photoshoot session. The take some picture again at the lake side. I accompany her today because I can't come to her wedding ceremony. It's sad because I can't come to her important day TT.TT
Our group was the last one to stay here. The sunrise start to show and the fog was disappeared. I start to feels warm, it was a nice feeling.
I laughed hardly at the picture above. They are really funny. I having a great time with them. It's a nice way to escaped from routines. Although lack of sleep, I'm having a great day today. We went back and I fell asleep again on our way back.
That was my experience today. See you next time~

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