Rabu, 10 Mei 2017

Sweet and Spicy Korean Food

안녕하세요^^ 리안 입니다~ 반갑습니다
Hello~ I'm Riana^^ and with my best friend Ika. We are having dinner after I finish my work. Since last month I work at Celuk branch. It's far from the restaurant, and far from my house TT.TT
This month Ika wihh have her wedding ceremony. I hope I still can hanging out with her again after she married.
Today we having 3 dish. We buy kimchi stew, sweet & sour pork and pork bbq with charcoal.
We have 4 banchan (반찬). My fave is the eggplant. We get radish kimchi (깍두기) today. I tend to finish the eggplant before they serve the main dish.
kimchi jjigae
Ika order kimchi stew. She said she want to eat this stew after watching 2 days 1 night. I don't like kimchi. The flavour was too strong for me. I try the stew and it hit me hard. It's too strong. Spicy and hot. I just taking meat and tofu from the stew TT.TT
I want to eat tangsuyuk. The appearance is not really appetizing, but I love the sauce. It's mostly sweet.
Tangsuyuk (탕수육) is a Korean Chinese meat dish with sweet and sour sauce. It can be made with either pork or beef.
pork bbq
I really love meat. This pork was cook using carcoal. It taste sweet. I seriously love this menu. I love this more than samgyeopsal. Well, I literally love pork and beef, but beef is more expensive than pork. I want to try Korean seafood dish, but it's usually expensive TT.TT
That was my dinner time with Ika. We didn't eat rice, and eat all the main dish and side dish. Have a nice day^^ See you next time~
안녕~ 다음에 만나요^^

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