Jumat, 28 April 2017

Sedulur Air

 Hello~ I'm Riana^^
This time I went to Bentara Budaya Bali at Gianyar to see painting exhibition. The title is Sedulur Air Padangtegal 3 generation painting exhibition.
It takes 30 minutes to find this place. I never went to this area before, so it takes sometimes to find the place.
Bentara Budaya Bali
Address: Jalan By Pass Prof IB Mantra No 88 A, Ketewel, Gianyar, Bali
Phone: (0361) 294029
Fax: (0361) 294488
Email: bentarabudayabali@hotmail.com
I arrived at around 12 pm, it was really hot. I saw the registration, and 3 people has come before. When I arrived, there's no visitor at the gallery. I'll put the picture of some painting which caught my attention.
I Made Parna (1955) 
Size: 150 x 80 cm
Material: Ink on Canvas
I wonder how a painter can paint like this. It's really complicated painting. The painting is really deatailed and many shape was paint there. I amazed by this paint. The painting tell the story about a war between brothers Subali and Sugriwa.

I Nyoman Sudana (1976)
Size: 100 x 100 cm
Material: Oil on Canvas
Ngelawang is a preparatory ritual performed by Hindus in Bali. Ngelawang performed by a group of children with Barong paraded around the village and accompanied by Gamelan. This tradition aims to drive out evil spirits and protect population from outbreaks or diseases caused by spirits (bhuta kala)
I mainly like the green color of the tree and plants. It feels refreshing.
I Made Subrata (1952) Alm
Title: Legong
Size: 100 x 70 cm
Material: oil on canvas
The painting show the beautiful Legong dancer. I personally learn balinese dance when I was on elementary school, that's why this painting was attractive to me.
I Made Karsa (1964)
Title: Sawah
Size: 120 x 180 cm
Material: acrylic on canvas
The painting show activity of Balinese people at a rice fields. The farmer harvesting rice, and their wife transport the rice. I saw cattle too.
That was some painting which caught my attention. I'm having a great time at this painting exhibition. I think the exhibition was ended at this time.
See you next time at different time, place, and event.
Have a great day^^

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