Sabtu, 25 Februari 2017

Korean Dessert - Patbingsoo

안녕하세요^^ 리안 입니다~ 반갑습니다
Hello~ I'm Riana^^
I found a new Korean dessert restaurant at Samasta, Jimbaran. Me & Ika went here this time. We didn't know this area. Ika drove the motorcycle and I saw the route on google map ;p
Samasta is a new place, many restaurant opened here. We confused where to park our motorcycle.
We park at the basement. It's really hot today and I wear a sweater. What a day~ We saw the map of the restaurant. Take a pict around the place. It's a nice place. I saw water fountain and cute painting on the wall. Patbingsoo restaurant located near a hotel. I forgot what was the name of the hotel.
The first floor of the restaurant. There's chairs and tables, and a flat tv with Korean MV played. The dessert logo was cute^^ When we arrived there, they play MV from SM Entertainment artist. We can ordered and enjoy the food at the second floor.
We choose a table inside the building. There is outdoor tables too, but due to hot weather we choose the cool place inside. We ordered lychee and peach collagen tea. It's 28,000 IDR for each tea. It was perfect for a hot day like today. We watch many Korean MV here. Nod and singing along.
The first snack was spicy popcorn chicken in a tiny pot. It's a chicken cuts with rice cake. I wonder if they misplaced it with honey popcorn chicken, because it was not spicy. The chicken cut was small and many sesame seeds. I love it. We bought it for 35,000 IDR.
It's our first time ordered Army Base Stew a.k.a budae jjigae. We choose pork in it. It's 68,000 IDR for 2 people, but I can eat this alone. The portion was small for us. The stew consist of assorted meat, Korean ramen, vegetables, kimchi, beans, tofu, etc. It was spicy and hot. I got runny nose after eat this stew. It's delicious but the portion was to small for 2 people.
The last menu was Euljiro bingsu. This was my favorite menu. We bought it for around 48,000 IDR (ps I'm not sure with the price). It's really pretty and looks so sweet. Shaved ice was the base, with vanilla ice cream on top. Many strawberry and piece of cheese cake with extra strawberry syrup. The bingsu was perfect. I love it.
That was our food and dessert experience at Patbingsoo. The bingsu really perfect for this hot weather. I would like to come back to try other bingsu variants.
Have a nice day^^ See you next time~
안녕~ 다음에 만나요

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