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Day 3: Hot Day in Semarang

The third day at Semarang. We had gudeg for breakfast. That day was really hot. Even hotter than here in Bali. There was a milk seller pass by Ka Irena house. Me and Ka Ega bought chocolate milk. I drank it when we arrived at parking lot. It's really refreshing. I drove to Kota Lama or Kota Tua. The place is really close from Ka Irena house. I use sunglasses because it was hot. I should bring an umbrella, but forget to pick it.
We walk from the parking lot to the Kota Lama area. I saw lot of visitor came and taking picture around this area. Despite the hot weather, it's really nice to stroll at this area. I really like to walk around an unique place like here. I feels grateful I can visit this places with my friends. Kota Lama listed on tentative list Cultural World Heritage No. 6011.
old building
Established in 17th century, Kota Lama Semarang is a best preserved colonial city with remarkable testimony of important historical phases of human civilization - in economic, political and social - in the South East Asia and the world. It's unique urban landscape shows a development of a fortified city which is growing in to an international and cosmopolitan port city in it's age.
old telephone
It starts from the establishment of V.O.C. fort that adjacent to the Semarang riverbank. The fort has five bastions, so it is also known as De Vijfhoek. After the fortified wall was demolished in 1824, these site growing up as a modern trade city. The site was dominated by office buildings, warehouses, stores, banks, and foreign consulates.
hand pump
There are three key words to understand the Semarang Old City in the early 20th century, there are cosmopolitan, trade, and services. Colonial architecture appeared and crossed with local conditions, presents the unique character to the site. All of its because there has been an obvious aim for directing the site as the center of trade and services in Semarang.
Semarang Kota Lama was developed from a fortified city. During the end of the 17th century, the fortress had to be torn down due to economic growth, especially to accomodate the use of steam locomotif as a mean of transportation to support Semarang which in those days becomes a notable international trading port city. The use of steam locomotif which brought by the torn down of the fotress had change Semarang Kota Lama which in the 17th century was an introvert city with it's fortification becomes more open, multicultural and cosmopolit.
we visited an art gallery
Indonesian map
 Semarang belongs to the international trading port city network of Asian in the 17th, 18th, 19th centuries. A like with other international port cities: Penang, Vigan, and Batavia, Semarang embrace life style and architecture blend of Asian and Western. However, in contrast to those cities, Semarang shows distinctly it's strong connection to the earliest development of steam locomotive technology in South East Asia as a transportation mean to support it's trade.
Kota Lama
Gereja Blenduk
We walked and encircle the Kota Lama. It's really interesting to see many old things here. We visited an art gallery. It's my first time went and enjoy an art gallery. Many beautiful painting was present there. I even saw two paintings from balinese artist. I think the painter is balinese because of his/her name. I forgot the painter name TT.TT The last places we see is Gereja Blenduk. We just see the church from the outside. We encircle the Church. It's still have christmas tree at the entrance.
After the long walk and photo time, we resting at Spiegel bar & bistro. I bought a medium size gelato and I got 3 scoop of it. I choose chocolate mango, praline and dark choco flavour. Ka ega bought the medium size too. I love the taste of the gelato here, it's really sweet. I think we spent an hour here. Because we were hungry, we switch place to having late lunch.
We went to Ka Dyas house. Ka Irena bought gudeg for her. We saw her daughter and husband. I first met with Ka Dyas a couple years ago. When I went to Singapore to watch Super Junior Super Show concert.
cheese buldak
We went to Paragon mall. Because it's end of the year, the mall closed earlier at 6 pm. We arrived at the restaurant around 5 pm. We ordered korean food and patbingsu.
We ordered cheese buldak. I thought it portion will be big, but it's just a small pan. There is tteok, chicken, cucumber, carrot, leek, spicy sauce and cheese. It's really yummy. I love the cheese. I take a piece of tteok and dip it in the cheese. I twist it so I got many cheese. I never found cheese buldak here in Denpasar, so I enjoy it a lot.
mango bingsu
We ordered korean style dessert. It's buy 1 get 1 for the bingsu. We bought mango bingsu and red bean bingsu. The bingsu menu is using the name of Korean train station. It's fascinating. We ordered chicken honey with cheese too. It's all delicious. My tummy is full. I'm happy.
Next I bought a cake for Ka Irena birthday, and we walk around and bought birthday gift for Ka Irena.

birthday party
We went to noraebang, after failed on first day. We celebrate Ka Irena birthday here. We enjoyed singing Kpop song here. I think we spent 2 hours here before we went back home. I enjoyed today activity. It's really fun and I ate a lot. I bought a wallet for myself. The three of us ended bought the same wallet. It's really a nice and fun day

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