Jumat, 13 Januari 2017

Day 1: Dessert Night

My vacation started on 29 December 2016. I met with Ka Ega at Achmad Yani International Airport. She arrived earlier than me. We resting at a donuts outlets while discussing how we get to Ka Irena house. We decided to used a taxi. When we arrived at our destination, Ka Irena parents welcomed us. Her mom lead us to Ka Irena room, and I immediately fall to the bed. My body was hurt and tired. I gave luwak coffee and pie susu from Bali to her and Ka Ega. I received dark chocolate and brownies from Ka Ega. I love it^^
me & ka ega
Shortly, Ka Irena came home. I nagged her a lot. I said 'I'm hungry, let's go eat'. Her mom cooked noodles and opor ayam. The noodles was great, I love it. It's my first time ate opor ayam, and it's delicious. I love the food. We are resting, chit chating and snacking on brownies and pie susu. We will accompany Ka Irena to her reunion party with her elementary school friends.
Around 6.30 pm we leave the house. I drove as Ka Irena show the directions. The road here in semarang is pretty small, and it's hard to park the car beside the road. We went to Florian ice cream. Ka Irena friends already there. Me and Ka ega found a spot at a corner and seated there. We ordered ice cream. I saw a lot of family came here. Seems that this place is famous. I even saw 2 couples grandmother and grandfather. Even my parents didn't like come to a place like this. It's fascinating.
The interior inside is full of christmas accesories. There's a huge christmas tree. 
black beauty
After taking picture of our dessert, we taste each other ice cream. The display is pretty but the taste not comparable with the price. It's pretty expensive. I ordered black beauty, I got vanilla and coffee ice cream with a chocolate cupcake. The coffee ice cream taste like a cup coffee put on a freezer and crushed to become an ice cream. I'm not a fan of coffee but I think the coffee taste was too strong. The vanilla ice cream is okay, but I think that's too much water on it. The chocolate cupcake taste not sweet enough for my liking. There is a chocolate bar and I can't taste anything when I chewed it. There's no sweet taste or bitter taste, It's just bland, more precise it's tasteless.
tutti fruti spesial
Ka Ega ordered tutti fruti spesial. From the appearance we tought it's like a pudding. Turn out it's a chocolate ice cream and inside there's some fruit piece. Again it's not sweet enough for me. The conclusion those desserts was not my style. When we leaves the store, it's raining.
Next we went to Ka Ega close friend (mas Angga) house. The alley was tiny, and I give up. I said I can't go there without scratch the car. Ka Ega call her friends and told him to pick us. I shift to passanger seat and mas Angga drove to his house. Mas Angga father recently hospitalized. He asked about his medication to me. He have DM same like Ka Irena mom.
We move to Inul Vista. We rent a room for 3 hours but after like 15 minutes there was black out. So we decided to back home. Arrived home, I feel really hungry. It's strange because I never eat at midnight. I nag Ka Irena again. I ate cold noodles and opor ayam again. It's still taste delicious. I love it^^
That was my story for my first day. It's vacation! yeay~~
Have a nice day. See you next time^^

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