Jumat, 27 Januari 2017

Happy tummy at Arirang

me & ika
안녕하세요^^ 리안 입니다~ 반갑습니다
Hello~ I'm Riana^^
Me & Ika having dinner at Arirang. It's difficult to match our schedulle lately. We went here after I finished my work. I waited for her almost an hour. She was stuck in a traffic jam. We choose three main dish. We ordered Korean black bean sauce noodles (Jajangmyeon), soft tofu stew (sundubu jjigae), and beef BBQ (galbisal).
I wondered how both of us finish all this food. We got 4 kind side dish and a bowl of rice. We didn't eat the rice.
our dinner
Jajanmyeon is the Korean-style Chinese food made with fermented black bean paste which is called chunjang (춘장) and the noodles.
Real daily life in Korea
I suggest to eat jajangmyeon because it's been a while we enjoyed this noodles. I love the sweet taste of the sauce, and it will smear on my lips. I need to be careful when eat this noodles.
sundubu jjigae
Soft tofu stew or sundubu jjigae (순두부찌개) is a stew made with freshly curdled tofu, vegetables, optional meat (beef or pork) and chili paste or gochujang. You need to eat the stew while it's still hot. You can put a bowl of rice inside the stew and enjoy it's hot and spicy taste.
The meat inside this stew is beef. I enjoyed many tofu and beef from this stew. 너무 맛있어요^^ It's really delicious.
our last main dish was the beef BBQ. I usually eat the meat by wrapping it. First take the sangchu or lettuce and put the meat on the sangchu. I add maneul or garlic, chili, and other side dish on it. Wrap the sangchu and eat the wrap in one bite. It's tasted really delicious. 짱이에요^^ Korean BBQ tasted really great. I really love the meat.
That's all my food experience for this time. Have a nice day^^ See you next time~
안녕~ 다음에 만나요

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