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Blood and Ties


Movie: Blood and Ties (English Title)/ Accomplice (Literal Title)
Hangul: 공범
Director: Guk Dong Suk
Writer: Guk Dong Suk
Producer: Park Jin Pyo
Release Date: October 24, 2013
Runtime: 95 min.
Genre: Thriller/ Father and Daughter
Distributor: CJ Entertainment
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


Da Eun (Son Ye Jin) has completed graduate school and is set to become a newspaper reporter. She lives with her father Son-Man (Kim Kap Soo) who lovingly refers to her as "my heart". Although her father does menial work, Da Eun is proud of him.
One day, Da Eun goes to the movie with her boyfriend Jae Kyoung (Lee Gyu Han) and friend Bo Ra (Jo An). They watch a movie that is based on a real life unsolved crime. A man kidnaps a boy and demanded ransom from the parents. The child is later found dead and the killer is never heard from again. The only clue the police have to the killer's identity is the ransom phone call he made to the parents. At the end of the film, they play the actual recorded audio from that phone call. When Da Eun hears the voice she becomes frozen. The man's voice sounds eerily like her father and he also uses the phrase "It Ain't Over 'til It's Over" which her father always favored.
When Da Eun gets back home, she looks up the crime that took place nearly 15 years ago on the internet. She finds a recording of the killer's voice and listens to it again. Da Eun becomes awash with horror and also guilt for even suspecting her father as the killer. There's also only a few days remaining before the unsolved crime runs into its statute of limitations. What will Da Eun do? Meanwhile, a man (Lim Hyung Joon) from her father's past suddenly appears.

Son Ye Jin - Da Eun
Kim Kap Soo - Son Man
Lim Hyung Joon - Joon Young
Lee Gyu Han - Jae Kyoung
Jo An - Bo Ra
Kim Kwang Kyu - Detective Kang
Kang Shin Il - In Soo


Da Eun lives with her father, Son Man. He really loves Da Eun, and always said Da Eun is his heart and he can't live without Da Eun. One day, Da Eun and her boyfriend Jae Kyoung and friend Bo Ra went to watching a movie. The movie is about a real story about child kidnapping and murderer. At the end of the movie, they play the real kidnapper voice phone call. The kidnapper said "It ain't over 'till it's over", Da Eun becomes frozen. She thinks that's her father voice and her father always said "It ain't over 'till it's over". Bo Ra too said the voice kinda similar to Da Eun father's voice. Da Eun got angry at her.
At home, Da Eun searching about the case and listening over to the kidnapper audio. The case became important due to the statue limitation. Da Eun starting to searching his father and following him around. Da Eun make a scene on her father work place, Son Man ended up apologizing to the police officer. Da Eun meet a man, Joon Young, who asking about Son Man. He black mailing Son Man and asking for money. When they held memorial service for Da Eun mom, Joon Young coming and destroy everything. Son Man hitting him and asked him to stay away.
Da Eun asking her boyfriend to searching her father criminal records and to find out about her mother. It's turn out her mother still alive. Da Eun and Jae Kyoung go to find her mom. They met Joon Young there. They following Joon Young. When they lost his track, Joon Young come and get her. He calling Son Man and told him about Da Eun. Da Eun asking about her mother, and ask him to meet her mother. Joon Young bring her to the hospital. Her mother was sick, pancreatic cancer.
Son Man come to get Da Eun. Da Eun get angry at him. At home, Da Eun listening to the audio and showing Son Man. Da Eun asking if he really the kidnapper, Son Man denying. Da Eun pretend to be a reporter and interviewing the father ,In Soo, of the kidnapped kid. She asking about the case. In Soo giving her a letter from the kidnapper, but he said it was a kid written. When she saw the letter, she almost faint, that's it her hand written. Da Eun went home and screaming at Son Man. Suddenly the police coming and arresting him. In Soo coming and when he hear Son Man voice, suddenly he pushing him and said he is the killer. Soo Man unconscious and they bring him to the hospital.
The police interogated Jae Kyoung and Bo Ra. They investigated Da Eun house to searching her childhood hand written. Da Eun hide it. In Soo keep insisting that Son Man killed his son. Da Eun keep protecting Soo Man when she questioned by the police. When Soo Man wake up, the police checking his voice and record his voice. Da Eun getting nervous and asking if his father can go home and said her mother was dying. The result come out and they said the voice was different. Da Eun drive Soo Man to the place the kid was leave behind. Da Eun keep asking why did he killed the kid, but Soo Man keep denying. When the statue limitation time passes, Soo Man laughing like crazy. Da Eun get scared.Da Eun ask him to apologize to the kid. In Soo crushing his car to Soo Man car. Both of them were died. Da Eun fainted. Soo Man's wife confessing that Soo Man kidnapping a baby girl and raised her as his own daughter. Joon Young reported that Da Eun was kidnapped 25 years ago.

뼝~~ I think it's a nice movie^^ But the ending's not really great *sobs. Amazed with Soo Man love for Da Eun but that's kinda scary~~ Happy watching^^ 뼝~


Source: Asian Wiki, Review by poe_rea, Trailer CJEntertainmentUSA; Picutes: Asian Wiki, BEYOND HOLLYWOOD.COM, HANCINEMA

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