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No Breathing

Movie: No Breathing
Hangul: 노브레싱
Director: Jo Yong Sun
Writer: Jo Yong Sun, Yoo Young A
Producer: Lee Song Joon, Park Chang Hyun, Jung Dae Hoon
Cinematographer: Lee Joon Gyu
Release Date: October 30, 2013
Runtime: 118 min.
Genre: Sports/Water Sports/Youth
Distributor: 9ers Entertainment
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Set in the world of competition swimming. Woo Sang (Lee Jong Suk) is a national swimmer. He pursues the number one spot. Won Il (Seo In Guk) is gifted swimmer, but stopped participating in the sport. He then make a come back.

Lee Jong Suk - Woo Sang
Seo In Guk - Won Il
Yuri - Jung Eun
Shin Min Chul -Jung Dong
Kim Jae Young - Dae Chan
Park Chul Min - Jae Suk
Park Jung Chul - Coach Jang

Won Il expelled from high school. Jae Suk pursue him to back on swimming and get him in a sports school. Meanwhile, Woo Sang, a national swimmer athelete assaulted his rival swimmer from Australia and he is heading back to Korea. Woo Sang and Won Il endded up at the same school and become a roomate. But Won Il got punishment because he drank at the dorm. He swimming for 500 laps, after done the punishment he asked for meat to the coach.
Woo Sang bullied by the senior because of his attitude, but Won Il tried to save him. Woo Sang tried to find his first love, but ended meet at Won Il place. Woo Sang suddenly conffessing to Jung Eun. Won Il got angry and asked him not to fooling around and he asked Woo Sang to not hurting Jung Eun.
The team go to the Philipine for special training, Woo Sang have private coach and private training by himself. He met with the Australian swimmer. They tried to annoy Woo Sang. Won Il come and helping him. They ended up having swimming competition. Won Il swimming ability back when he compete here. When they back to Korea, Woo Sang find Jung Eun and giving a gift to her. Won Il saw that, and he is hiding.

Jung Dong pass the test for participating the national competition, but the senior didn't like that because he was injured. The senior harrass him and Jung Dong quit the school. Won Il got angry and beating up the senior. Woo Sang tried to stop him. Won Il expelled from the school. He locked himself at his room. Woo Sang come and giving him a record interview of his late father.
Woo Sang giving him an application letter for attending the national competition. Won Il take the opportunity and asking Jae Suk to be his coach. Both of them met at the final of national competition. Won Il beat Woo Sang by 0.01 second. At the end both of them join the olympics. The End.

This movie so hilarious~~ It's funny and touching at the same time^^ Laughing and crying while watching this movie^^ I Love Lee Jong Suk~~ yeay! And I like Seo In Guk too. Recomended movie to watch~~ Thumb Up! Happy watching^^



Source: Asian Wiki, Review by poe_rea, Trailer via 민병석

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