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Music Exam

3 December 2016
안녕하세요^^ 리안 입나다~ 반갑습니다^*
Hello~ I'm Riana^^
Last month I attended music exam. The exam consist of finger practice, play 2 songs, Q&A about staccato, legato and legatura. They prepared 4 songs, I choose 1 song and the instructor choose 1. I choose the most difficult song (in my opinion) Gipsy Dance, and the instructor choose the second most difficult song (again in my opinion) A Lover's Concerto. The other song is My Doll and Bolelebo (a traditional song from our country).
Honestly, I really nervous. My hands was cold and my heart beat rised. My instructor told me to be calm and breath. She said my staccato not really perfect and I'm confused which tempo should I choose. The instructor choose the tempo and said my beat was off at some part. The hardest part is when I switch to key E7.
A Lover's Concerto is a simple song with key C, F and G. I personally like this song. But jumping from Gipsy Dance to A Lover's Concerto definately ruin my beat. I make mistake since the beginning of the song. My instructor said to be careful and listen to the beat and tempo first. After completed the 2 songs, than comes the finger practice. The instructor decreased the tempo so I can do it in more relax manner. The last subject was Q&A. The exam lasted less than 10 minutes. I scored 84 for this exam.
Here I am playing Gipsy Dance and A Lover's Concerto at home. Have a great and happy day^^ See you next time.

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