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January - 2013

Friday, 30 August 2013
Today, heechul release from army^^
Sunday, 30 June 2013
It's almost July, it's means my vacation time has come. But, until right now, i didn't tell my parents that i will go to Batam and Singapore this week, Ottohke? stress!! kekekeke. Last month i cried really hard, because i didn't get VIP ticket for the SS5 *sobs. I bought new one piece a.k.a dress, i think i need to buy shoes too. Btw, Meme started her study in Korea, totally envy! Bought Y Style passport case from her, i beg here to found it! I Bought Henry Trap mini album too, all the songs are fabulous. Planned to buy Hero, Super Junior 1st Japanese album, and already booked the SS4 cd. I bought movie and drama dvd too. I watched Donghae drama, Miss Panda and Hedgehog.  
Thursday, 25 April 2013
SS5 SG confirmed on 6&7 July.. I will go~~ kkkk... I already bought the plane ticket, and register for the tour at Pikachu place. I will go to SG via batam, i'll meet Ega eonni there. Having a good time to bully her.. kekeke..I'm just worried about the ferry, i get motion sickness on the sea TT.TT I need to keep the medicine around on me. I hope there won't any problem on that day..
Monday, 15 April 2013
I'm so sleepy, i can't sleep last night. I got a lot of presents today.. It's from Irena eonni, Dy eonni and Ega eonni^^ I got cd&dvd SJM Perfection, cd SM The Ballad with the pc, a cute pillow, Pooh neck pillow, SuJu chibi shirt and Bandung shirt. Thank you so much^^
Sunday, 14 April 2013
Today is my birthday^^ I'm officially 27 y.o. Join the '86 lines of SuJu oppa.. kekeke.. On the afternoon, i'm going to eat at L'amore Cafe. It's Italian and Western food. I ordered nachos, beef papperoni pizza, pancake with ice cream chocolate and jasmine tea. All that's just for 63,000 rupiah, so cheap. And i'm dying eating all those food. Hate when i waste the food TT.TT and at that night, i can't sleep because my stomach is so full. Stupid~~ kkkk
Wednesday, 10 April 2013
It's April.. And i will be 27 in 4 days TT.TT
early on this week, i went to aesthesia clinic to have a facial treatment. It's my first time doing this thing. At first it's okay, getting massage on my face, but after that it's feels like the hell TT.TT When the therapist pinching on my whiteheads (komedo) i'm crying! it's reallt hurt!!! huhuhu I'm scare to touch my face, i can still feels the pain. So scary~~
I bought SS5 light stick and slogan towel. I'm really ready for SS5... kekekeke. I bought Minidram4 dvd from snowdrop, it's from Sungmin fanbase :p
I'm doing preorder For Siwon For You dvd and For You slogan towel from Siwon fanbase^^
I went to a coffe shop last month, it's name Sweet Coffee. But i ordered iced choco, chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream. hehehe..
Good night^^ 
Wednesday, 20 March 2013
Hello^^ today is my friend birthday, happy birthday Dama unni^^
in the middle of reviewing movie, and change my blog background.. gya gya gya^^
Feels so empty tonight TT.TT what happen to me?
SS5 Seoul will start in 3 days.. and i'm so excited here.. kekeke
Wishing i can watch SS5 again, and it will be the first time i can see Kangin oppa. My cheekbone flying thinking of that moments. kekeke
I really miss Super Junior oppadeul^^ Goodnight~~
Friday, 15 March 2013
It's been a while since the last time i wrote here....
Happy white day^^
I have a story, it happen this morning.
when i'm arrived at work, there's  patient with SC schedulle today. she is 14 y.o. unmarried, she is so pretty^^
At time when she got anaesthesia, she hold me tight. i'm asking her, why? she said she was afraid. i smiled at her and said don't worry it will be okay. She asking if it will be hurt, i said it will hurt you a little.
After the surgery done, the girls family didn't want to see the baby, they planed to giving the baby to other people. i'm just thinking, why so cruel? they abandoned the baby boy TT.TT
the obsgyn doctor take the baby, his wife gonna give the baby to her friend.
whose to blame? society? the girls? the baby?
Sad story from today TT.TT 
Tuesday, 5 February 2013
It's february already. time surely fly to fast TT.TT my father birthday this month, how old is he now? my brother and my mother birthday too. I need to meet Siwon... Seriously TT.TT start to going crazy, kekeke.
Good night everybody, love is in the air! eungg, enough with the pink colour, seriously... 
Tuesday, 29 January 2013
Almost the end of January, isn't  it to fast??? kekeke. Just done reviewing a movie, Jackal is coming. And i'm done watching the third hospital. Happy ending^^. Wishing for super show 5 or SJM fanmeet. Missing Super Junior oppa so much..
Sunday, 13 January 2013
Happy sunday..
Last week was a difficult week. i'm sick, caught a cold. Luckily i'm healthy now. My grandmom came yesterday, with my aunties too. I'm in the middle of finishing watch a Korean drama, The Third Hospital. And i will watch a Korean Movie, Pieta. Maybe i will watch it tomorrow. Lately, there's a wind storm and thunder storm here. Rain pour so hard too. People, take care of your health.  
Tuesday, 1 January 2013
wahhhh.... Happy new year 2013! Hope the best for the people around the world.. It's really have been a while. Not really active in this blog, because of my broken modem *sobs. How was the new year eve party? i spent it stayed at my room, trying to sleep but it's too noisy because of the fireworks party.
I ate too much today, a lot of fruits, betutu chicken (Balinese food), pork and durian.
I'm starting to filling up my BIC diary.. happy^^ and today is Lee Sungmin birthday.. 생일 축하합니다 오빠
Once again, happy new year!!

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