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Jackal is Coming

Movie: Codename: Jackal / Jackals is Coming
Hangul: 자칼이 온다
Director: Bae Hyeong Jun
Writer: Oh Sang Ho
Language: Korean

Song Ji Hyo : Killer Bong Min Jung
Kim Jae Joong: Singer Choi Hyun
Oh Dal Su: Chief Detective Ma
Han Sang Jin: Team Leader Shin
Kim Sung Ryeong: Angela
Ju Min Ha: Choi Hyun's Stalker
Ra Mi Ran: Cleaner
Seo Dong Won: Bellboy
Seo Yi An: Yoo Young Sun


A not so smart female killer (Bong Min Jung) is hired to kill a popular singer (Choi Hyun). The killer then kidnaps the popular singer and tries to kill him in a bold manner which the costumer requested, but the police arrived.

This movie review is based on poe_rea, done watched this movie today^^ It's a comedy movie.
Someone hired a killer to kill Choi Hyun. Choi Hyun made a scene on filming set. Angela came and give him an expensive watch. They planned to meet up in a hotel tonight. Choi Hyun leaving the set, inside the car he was suprised by Ju Min Ha. The body guard drag her from the car.
Choi Hyun went to Paradise Hotel. He arrived at the same time with Bong Min Jung who following him from the filming set. At the same time a group of detective come to the hotel, to catch a serial killer. They ask for room beside Choi Hyun room.
The bellboy bring a sampanye for Choi Hyun. After the bellboy leaves, someone knocking his room. When he opened the door, he saw someone using pig mask sprying something on his face, and he fainted. When he a wake, he found himself tied on the chair.
Detective Ma knocking Choi Hyun room, Min Jung panicking. Choi Hyun try to scream, but Min Jung hit him and he faited again. Min Jung opened the door, and Detective Ma found out he is knocking the wrong room and apologize.
 Min Jung tried to wake Choi Hyun, but he hit Min Jung head. Min Jung fainted, and he try to release him self. When Min Jung a wake, she hit Choi Hyun head for couple time until he is stop trying to speak. Min Jung and Choi Hyun talk to each other. Choi Hyun falls for her.
Detective Ma and Shin act as room service and knocking Choi Hyun room. Min Jung moving Choi Hyun to the bed room. When they saw Choi Hyun tied on the bed room, they think Choi Hyun and Min Jung are a couple. Choi Hyun desperately giving code to them, but they doesn't realize and leave.
Min Jung climbing to her room and act as Japanese girl when the detective came. At that time Ju Min Ha came to Choi Hyun room. Choi Hyun ask for her help. She help untied Choi Hyun and they run to Min Ha room. Min Jung try to find him and bring him back to his room.
Choi Hyun's manager come and he was drunk, he saw Min Jung and knocked her down. Suddenly Angela came and his manager bring Min Jung body to hide. When Choi Hyun and Angela kissing, Min Jung wakes and saw it. Angel and Min Jung fighting, and Min Jung stab her.
Choi Hyun and Min Jung running away. Outside the rooms there is a man who chasing Choi Hyun and tried to kill him. They run too the rooftop. Min Jung push Choi Hyun and Min Jung fight with the man who chasing them. Min Jung knocked him down, and she sprying herself and faint.
The detective arrested the serial killer. Choi Hyun calling Min Jung, and said he will chased her.
-The End-
I watched this movie because JaeJoong and JiHyo. It's a comedy movie, but i think it's not to funny. flat allure but twisted in the end. a little surprise when i saw Jaejoong Kiss scene with JiHyo and Kim Sung Ryeong (Angela). JiHyo hair, she is using an afro wig? kekeke. In the end it's a nice to watch movie.

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