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The Traffickers

Sunday, 2 December 2012

I've watched this movie, The Traffickers. Here's the movie profile :

Movie: Traffickers (English title) / Conspirators (literal title)
Revised Romanization: Kongmojadeul
Director: Kim Hong Sun
Writer: Kim Hong Sun, Kim Sang Myun
Producer: Won Hyun Jae
Cinematographer: Yoon Nam Joon
Release Date: 30 August 2012
Country: South Korea

  • Lim Chang Jung - Young Gyu
  • Daniel Choi - Sang Ho
  • Jo Yoon Hee - Yoo Ri
  • Oh Dal Su - Kyong Jae
  • Jo Dal Hwan - Joon Sik
  • Jung Ji Yoon - Chae Hee
  • Lee Young Hoon - Dae Woong
  • Choi Il Hwa - Chul Soo



Young-Gyu (Lim Chang Jung) is a former leader of a human organ trafficking group, but after the death of a member he has quit the group. Since that time, Young-Gyu has become a broker for smuggled goods from China. He has also fallen in love with Yoo-Ri (Jo Yoon-Hee), a ticket agent at the local international port terminal.
Meanwhile, Yoo-Ri's father (Choi Il-Hwa) is gravely ill and needs an organ transplant. She turns to the black market and goes to Dong-Bae (Shin Seung-Hwan), a loan shark and an organ dealer.
Dong-Bae, knowing that Young-Gyu loves Yoo-Ri, calls him in for a meeting and asks Young-Gyu to do a job for him. Young-Gyu doesn't want any part of it, but when he learns Yoo-Ri has turned to Dong-Bae, he decides to take the job. Young-Gyu then reforms his old team and they board a ship for Qingdao, China.
Meanwhile, Sang-Ho (Daniel Choi), who works as an insurance agent, takes his wife Chae-Hee (Jung Ji-Yoon) on a cruise ship to Qingdao, China. Sang-Ho's wife is also the target of Young-Gyu's crew, who plan on kidnapping her and removing her organ before they land in China.


This review's made by me as a viewer.
It's started with a flashback, 3 years ago a group of human organ trafficking failed to do the missions, and lead with the victims and one of the group member died. The leader of the group Young Gyu came to the mourning and left some money for the sister (her name Chae Hee) of the died member group. 
Young Gyu has become a broker for smuggled goods from China. he has also fallen in love with Yoo Ri, a ticket agent. One day Yoo Ri got a phone called from the hospital. Her father is ill and need organ transplantation, but she doesn't have money to pay. She turns to the black market and goes to Dong Bae, a loan shark and an organ dealer. She and her father board a ship for China.
Dong Bae, knowing that Young Gyu loves Yoo-Ri, asks Young Gyu to do a job for him. He refuse it, but when he knows Yoo Ri met up with Dong Bae, he takes the job. Young Gyu then reforms his old team and board to Qingdao, China.
Meanwhile, Sang Ho, who works as an insurance agent, takes his wife Chae Hee on a cruise ship to Qingdao. Chae Hee have disability, she is using a wheelchair.
On the ship Yoo Ri and Chae Hee meet up. Yoo Ri giving her hair pin to Chae Hee. 
When Sang Ho and Chae Hee chit chating in the room, Sang Ho leaves to buy food. When he back to the room, Chae Hee is missing. He is running away around the ship to find his wife. He ended at the captain room's to asking help to find his wife. But the people there refuse to help him, because it already night and will annoyed another guest.
Sang Ho met Yoo ri and ask for her help. both of them try to find Chae Hee. Young Gyu who saw them, try to blocked them. While his goup on process to take Chae Hee organ. Yoo Ri found out her hair pin that she gives to Chae Hee.
Inside the sauna, Chae Hee conscious and she start moving, she is screaming and fall from the table. Sang Ho heard it and they running to the sauna. Panicking inside the sauna, the guys try to hide and try to shut  Chae Hee. When Sang Ho arrived there, he didn't find his wife. 
Sang Ho and Yoo ri go around the ship. Than there's is announce from Yoo Ri room, her father is panicking because she doesn't there. Sang Ho leaves them and go back to the sauna. Someone hit him and bring him back to his room.
Next morning they arrived in China. Sang Ho decided to go to the police and ask for their help, but it's ended with nothing. when he leaves the police station, Chae Hee call him and asked for help.
Young Gyu picked up by someone to bring the organ, but he sense something wrong. He attacked the driver and take the car to the hospital. 
Kyoung Jae who brings Chae Hee body, cut of the phone. Chae Hee cried and ask for his help. Suddenly, Joon Sik came and killed Kyoung Jae and bring Chae Hee to the hospital. Joon Sik betrayed all the member.
Meanwhile Yoo Ri bring her father to the hospital and received transplant organ, but in the end, they took her father organ. when she realized, it's to late. Her father was died.
Young Gyu bring the organ to hospital, and he saw Chae Hee dead body. Than Sang Ho came and said thank you for helping him to got his wife organ. Young Gyu startled as he know that Sang Ho behind all this incident. He chased Sang Ho and shoot him.
The ending, The police arrasted Young Gyu and Dong Bae, and Sang Ho still alive freely.

Fiuhhhhhhh.... I watched this movie because of Choi Daniel. kekeke. Actually, when i watched this movie, i don't get it at the first 20 minutes. It's so confusing. And i got startled when i know that Sang Ho is behind the human organ trafficker. I just can say "what the heck?! I amazed by Jung Ji Yoon acted. when she falls from the table and when crawling to call her husband. She is topless! I Don't know if that's her real body or they used manequine or something else. I can't say if this movie is good or not, but i enjoyed watch this movie. Besides, this movie got an award to for Best New Director on 2012 (33rd) Blue Dragon Film Awards on 30 November 2012. Congratulation!

Source: Asian Wiki

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