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Tuesday. 4 December 2012
Just done watch The Neighbors movie. Here's the movie profile,
Movie: The Neighbors
Revised Romanization: Yiwootsaram
Director: Kim Whee
Writer: Kang Pool
Producer: Suk Jae-Seung
Genre: Thriller
Country: South Korea
Awards: 1. Best New Actor (Kim Sung Kyun) - 2012 (49th) Daejoong Film Awards (30 October 2012); 2. Best New Actor (Kim Sung Kyun) - 2012 Korean Association of Film Critics Awards (7 November 2012)
Note: The movie based on the web comic "neighbor" ("이웃사람")  by Kang Pool (published from 2 June 2008 - $ November 2008 through portal site [Daum).

Kim Sung Kyun - Ryu Seung Hyuk
Kim Yun Jin - Song Gyung Hee
Kim Sae Ron - Won Yeo Son & Yoo Soo Yeon
Ma Dong Seok - Ahn Hyuk Mo
Cheon Ho Jin - Pyo Jong Rok
Do Ji Han - Ahn Sang Yoon
Jang Yeong Nam - Ha Tae Son
Lim Ha Ryong - Kim Sang Young
Additional Cast Member
Kim Jung Tae - Kim Jong Guk (Ghost)
Jeong In Gi - Kim Hong Jung (Ahn Hyuk Mo uncle)
Kim Ki Cheon - Hwang Jae Yeong (Security guard 1)
Cha Hyeon Woo - Detective Lee
Kwak Min Seok - Ahn Dong Joo (Pizza Store Owner)
Cha Kwang Soo - Won Jung Man (Won Yeo Son's Father)

On a raining evening, middle-school student Yeo-Seon (Kim Sae Ron), resident of a middle class apartment complex, walks home alone from the bus stop, but she doesn't make it home. 10 days later, her decapitated body is found in a red suitcase. Gyung Hee (Kim Yunjin) is Yeo Seon's stepmother. She carries tremendous guilt, because she did not pick her up stepdaughter on the evening that she was abducted.
A few days later, Gyung Hee is so startled, she falls to the floor in the parking lot of her apartment complex. A girl stands in front of her. The young girl's name is Soo Yeo (Kim Sae Ron) and she carries an uncanny resemblance to her murdered stepdaughter. Soo Yeo also lives in the same apartment complex.
Another 10 days later, the murderer has yet to be caught and he has killed again. Meanwhile, several people in the apartment complex begin to suspect one of their own residents. Seung Hyuk (Kim Sung Kyun), is the serial killer, but they keep it to themselves for various reasons. The neighborhood pizza delivery boy (Do Ji Han), the apartment complex security guard (Cheon Ho Jin), the man who sold the res suitcase (Lim Ha Ryong) and Gyung Hee are all aware of circumstantial evidence that links Seung Hyuk to the murders. Can and will they act upon their hunches before he strikes again?



This movie review is made by me^^
On a rainy night, Won Yeo Seon walks home alone from the bus stop, but she never arrived home. 10 days later, her dead body found in a red suitcase. Song Gyung Hee (Won Yeo Seon step mother) feels so guilty because she did not pick her up stepdaughter on the evening that she was abducted. When Kim Sang Young   (the owner of a bag shop) saw the news about the murderer, he remembered about a costumer who bought the red suitcase. He want to call the police, but his wife stop him. she said it won't be good for his bag bussiness.
Do Ji Han (pizza delivery boy) delivered pizza to Ryu Seung Hyuk. But, he feels so strange towards this customer. Do Ji Han searching about the murdere and found out something that leads him to grow suspicious towards Ryu Seung Hyuk. He found out the victims missing and 10 days later the dead body was found, and the fact that Ryu Seung Hyuk always ordered pizza every 10 days. Meanwhile Gyung Hee feels so scared because she feels that Yeo Seon came home and said "I'm home" and Yeo Seon went to her room. Gyung Hee crying and hiding under the table while holding a cross.

One day, Hwang Jae Yeon (apartement security guard) checking the garbage and found a black plastic bag smell so bad. He try to found out who's garbage is that, and found out Ryu Seung Hyuk name. He went to Seung Hyuk apartement and opened the garbage infront of Seung Hyuk. He found Yeo Seon uniform fill with blood. Seung Hyuk open his door and murdered Hwang Jae Yeon.
Seung Hyuk went to the bag shop and buy another suitcase. Sang Young feels really scared at that time. Pyo Jong Rok (another apartment security guard) try to find his friend, because his suddenly missing.
Yoo Soo Yeon (a girl who really looks like Won Yeo Seon) come to the apartment to put some pamflet. He met with Ahn Hyuk Mo and help him watching his car. When she leaves the apartment, suddenly Gyung Hee fell down when she saw Soo Yeon. Soo Yeon run the her and help her to stand and guide het to the apartment. Seung Hyuk who saw Soo Yeon start to feels scared. When Soo Yeon leaves the apartment, Seung Hyuk watched her. Gyung Hee feels so weird toward Seung Hyuk acted. Soo Yeon found Hwang Jae Yeon glasses and gave it to Pyo Jong Rok.
Pyo Jong Rok went to Seung Hyuk apartment because his water bill so expensive/much. He think something wrong with the pipe there. When he go to the downstair to check the pipe, he saw hair and blood stain. he started to tramble, and leaves the apartment.

One night, Seung Hyuk kidnapping Lim Ha Ryong. He lock up Ha Ryong downstair. Do Ji Han heard the news that Lim Ha Ryong was missing, and he got to delivered pizza to Seung Hyuk. When he about to leaves, he saw blood on his hand, and checking the money. He peeking from the window, Seung Hyuk turn off the lamp, and run toward him. Ji han startled and hiding, luckily there's Pyo Jong Rok who helped Ji Han to escaped. Both of them debated about wether is Seung Hyuk is the serial killer or not.
When Gyung Hee cooking, she feels that Yeo Seon coming and said "i'm home', she freezing, and than put on her knife and turn back. Gyung Hee smiling and said, "oh, you are home. Are you hungry? let's eat." Gyung Hee take a towel and drying Yeo Seon body. They hugging each other while crying.
One day, Soo Yeon went to school, but she forgot bring her handphone. Gyung Hee and Pyo Jong Rook saw Seung Hyuk following Soo Yeon. That night was raining, Gyung Hee go outside to pick up Soo Yeon. When she arrived at bus stop, she asked Soo Yeon to stay by her side and doesn't look back. She saw Seung Hyuk inside the car following them. Both of them run away, they crossing the road and standing in the middle of the road, making a commotion. Seung Hyuk flew away with anger to his apartment.
Meanwhile, Lim Ha Ryong a wake, and he tried to untie himself. He found a phone and doing random call, he said "help" and the phone turned off. Do Ji Han received the phone call. After he heard that, he went to Seung Hyuk apartment. Inside the apartment, Seung Hyuk fought with Lim Ha Ryong. He stabbed Ha Ryong stomach. Meanwhile, outside the apartment, Do Ji Han team up with Pyo Jong Rook to attacking Seung Hyuk. When Seung Hyuk open the door, they attacking him. Ahn Hyuk Mo who arrested because he accused as the serial killer, run from the police station to Seung Hyuk apartment too. He hitting Seung Hyuk, and found his uncle (Lim Ha Ryong) there. Do Ji Han called the ambulance. Pyo Jong Rook thinks that Soo Yeon was murdered, hit Seung Hyuk head. Seung Hyuk died.
Soo Yeon's mother crying and hitting Ahn Hyuk Mo. He screaming and point out to Soo Yeon and said she is still alive. THE END

Waaaahhh, such a long review. I hope you guys doesn't bored to read that. kekeke. I Watch this movie because of Kim Sae Ron. This kid really great! haha. I Think it's a great movie. We should aware with our environtment, our neighbourhoods, and teach us to not jumping to someone car or you will be killed! scary, right? Message for the kids, don't go with someone that you don't know, it's really dangerous. One question that i didn't get it, why did Seung Hyuk killed Yeo Seon?
Thank you for reading my review. and enjoy the movie^^

Source: Asian Wiki

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