Senin, 05 Juni 2017

First Day Around Hongdae

Hello! I'm Riana^^
Last month I leave for vacation. Me and my friends went to South Korea. It was my third time to go there. We arrived at Incheon International airport around 9 AM. I rent egg wifi for 8 days. It can connect to 5 divices.
Actually I can find any wifi connection almost every where. I'm just worried if I get lost here, so I decided to rent the egg wifi. We went downstairs to buy one way ticket for AREX train. We went to Hongik University Station. It takes around 50-60 minutes with single train.
We went to Trick Art Guesthouse, it takes 10 minutes from the station.
Park HJ the owner of Trick Art Guesthouse greet us after waiting for sometimes. I book a 6 bed dormitory, but she replace with a 4 bed dormitory. I stay alone at this room. I feel grateful because I can have this room for myself. It's really comfortable. The bed was hard, but it's good for my back. I feel relieved when sleep here.
The others book single room and twins room. The single room was on the same floor with me. The twins room was on 4th floor.
I got new towel everyday and hot water, shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Breakfast started from 9 - 11 AM, but I usually having my breakfast around 6 AM.
I saw pretty rose besides our GH. It's on the fence of the apartment. It's spring and I think the flower blossoming every where. The colour was really pretty. Pink, red and orange rose. We taking some picture and selca here.
No one pluck this pretty flower. Some petals scattered and some start to bloom. I never see many rose like this in my places before.
We walked back at the park to the subway station. The weather was chills and the air was refreshing. Many people stroll here. I saw old people enjoying the breeze here. I saw many cute puppy here.
The park was clean. I barely see any garbage on the ground and stream.
It's around 3 PM when we leave the GH. We are starving and luckily many restaurant and food stall around the park.
I saw many hand steak stall here. My friends want to try it. We bought it at Nuclear Steak stall. The bottom part is drinks. We can choose ade, soda, beer etc. The top part we can choose chicken or beef steak, and many fries.
I though the portion was small, but it was a hearty meal. It's yummy and I like the cheese spread. I bought lemonade, and it was sour. We enjoy late lunch at the park.
I drop my friends at Ewha Woman University because I think the place's photogenic. I went to Ewha shopping street. I like to shopping here because the clothes is cheap. Dress and some cardigan around 10,000 KRW, shirt and skirt around 5,000 KRW. I bought a nice backpack for 10,000 IDR. I like to buy many cute skirt and dress. Many cosmetics outlet and cute cafe around the university.
Our last destination was Bau House Dog Cafe. We actually lost our way. We went far away from our target destination and it was raining a lot.
Bau House located around Hongdae. I went here last year but I totally forgot the direction. We arrived around 9 PM. I think the puppy was tired. They not really active like when I come last year.
They are totally cute. We ordered drink here. I sit on the small puppy area, and my friends went to the big dog area.
peek a boo~
Cute~ cute~ puppy! I'm in love with you^^
That was my first day experience in Seoul. I'm having a great lunch at the park, a good time shopping at Ewha shopping street and take a rest at Bau House dog cafe. I bought banana milk from Bingrae, it's my favorite milk.
Have a nice day^^ See you next time~

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