Kamis, 13 Oktober 2016

Dessert - Paphio's

12 October 2016. Today I went to Paphio's food, coffee & patisserie. After done with my work shift, I went at 6 PM. It's nearby my work place. The address at Jl. Tukad Yeh Aya 112A, Renon. The cafe sell Italian food, snack, cakes, coffee and many baverages. It's my first time come to this cafe. The cafe is really cozy. There is outdoor and indoor places for choice. At the outdoor I saw a foreigner sat there and drinking alcohol beverage. I went inside and sat on right direction. The lighting is calming and not to bright. The background music is easy listening, but I can't point who's the singer and what song is that. The opposite side have a long wooden table and chair. It's like the table and chair at the park on western movie. The accent of the wall is pretty cute. I wonder if it's wallpaper or graffiti. I wish a bring a book here. This cafe has a great environment for reading. Not many customer at that time. 3 persons in front of me, 2 persons behind me.
The costumer behind me, I recognize her as a senior when I'm on medical school. I didn't remember her name so I didn't greet her. It's kinda rude right? 미안해 선배님~
I came here alone, enjoying my free time before head back home. When I arrived, I walk straight to the cake counter, observing some cake and choosing Chocolate Cheese Cake. I'm on pre menstrual syndrome so chocolate is the best for me. The guy at the counter gave me a menu to choose the baverage and invited me to sit while waiting for the cake. I ordered my baverages and wait patiently. Around 5 minutes later my cake is coming~ and followed by the baverage. I feel so happy just to see it. Silly me!
I'm introducing~ Chocolate Cheese Cake. It's my first time having this cake. It's having three layers with chocolate bar on top. The cake display is not really apetizing in my opinion. The first layer is sturdy, I need to use lot of strength to cut it (oh really?). the second and third layer was easily cut. I try all the layer at the same time and the cheese taste covered by the chocolate. Than I try layer by layer. The first layer on top is sturdy and I love the taste and the texture of chocolate. The second layer, I think is the cheese cream. I can taste the cheese but it's slightly. The bottom layer is chocolate cake, the texture almost like chocolate brownie. The cake is not on the delicious side from my palate. The price is expensive too, it's 35.000 for a slice.

My choice of baverage is Strawbelix. Fresh strawberry blended with milk. Because I love strawberry and milk I choose this baverage. When first I sip it, the sour taste of strawberry hit me. It's really refreshing, sour and sweet at the same time. I bought this for 22.000. Is it expensive or not? But it's taste so yummy. I love this baverage.
That is all from my dessert experience today. See you next time^^ 뼝~

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