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Dosoram Hermitage - Gochang (도솔암(고창))

Dosoram Hermitage, along with Seonunsa Temple, is thought to be built during the Beakje Era, 18 BC-AD 660. The temple is located inside of Seonunsa Temple on Dosolsan Mountain (Seonunsan Mountain) in Samin-ri, Asan-myeon, Gochang-gun, Jeollabuk-do.
The area of the temple features a picturesque view formed by the rocky outcroppings that were created by volcanic activity. And, two yosa where the Buddhist monks lives are attached to the temple, as well as Nahanjeon Hall, Cultural Property No. 110, and Dosolcheon Naewongung, Cultural Property No. 125, which is at the top of the stone staircase.
Of note is the seated Buddha relief carving at Dongburam Hermitage Site of Seonunsa Temple (National Treasure No. 1200), with a height and width of 13 m and 3 m, respectively. It is carved into the face of a cliff called Chilsongda, which is located to the west of Dosoram Hermitage. There is also a gilt-bronze seated ksitigarbha bodhisattva at Dosoram Hermitage of Seonunsa Temple, Gochang (Treasure No. 280), which is enshrined in Dosolcheon Naewongung. The statue of Buddha follows the style of the late Goryeo Dynasty (AD 918 - 1382), featuring the most elegant and refined pieces of work from that period.
Seonunsan Mountain, where Dosoram Temple is situated, has excellent scenery full of rocky crags and cliffs, even though it is not regarded as a tall mountain. Many visitors visit the mountain for its beautiful scenery.

294, Dosol-gil, Asan-myeon, Gochang-gun, Jeollabuk-do
전라북도 고창군 아산면 도솔길 294

From Central City Terminal to Gochang Bus Terminal, take an express bus.
(Intervals: 20-50 minutes / Time: 3 hrs and 20 min)
From Gochang to Seonunsan Temple, take a local bus or direct bus
*Direct bus: 10:00-17:20 / 8 times per day / 30-minute ride
*Local bus: 06:20-20:20 / Interval 30 min / 30-minute ride

www.dosolam.kr (Korean)

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