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The Executioner

Movie: The Executioner
Hangul: 집행자
Director: Choi Jin Ho
Writer: Kim Young Ok
Producer: David Cho, Yang Jong Gon
Cinematographer: Kim Tae Sung
World Premiere: October 9, 2009 (Pusan International FIlm Festival)
Release Date: November 5, 2009
Runtime: 98 min
Distributor: Sponge, Silver Spoon
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

The first execution will occur in over 12 years at a Korean prison. A delicate atmosphere takes over the prison.

Cho Jae Hyun - Bae Jong Ho
Yoon Kye Sang - Oh Jae Kyeong
Park In Hwan - Prison employee Kim
Cha Soo Yeon - Eun Joo
Cho Seong Ha - Yong Doo
Jeon Mi Sun - Yoon Sun
Jeong Kyeong Ho - Prison employee Jang


Film Festivals
  • 14th (2009) Pusan International Film Festival - Korean Cinema Today - Panorama *World Premiere
  • 2010 (14th) Fantasia Film Festival - July 8-28 *North American Premiere

AQCC Prize (Honorable Mention): *2010 (14th) Fantasia Film Festival - July 8-28

Oh Jae Kyeong is the new employee of the prison. Bae Jong Ho told him to find officer Kim alone and leave him behind. When Jae Kyeong leaving to area 4, 2 officer running while piggy back a prisoner. They told him to open the gate and leave him behind. Jae Kyeong go to area 4 to find officer Kim. He find officer Kim, he was playing chess with a prisoner. When Jae Kyeong checking on the prisoner, they make a scene and Jae Kyeong push them. A prisoner fainted, Jae Kyeong try to help him. Bae Jong Ho coming and told the prisoner to stop to act. He wake up after Bae Jong Ho hitted him.
Yong Doo,came as a new prisoner, sentenced the death penalty for killing and mutilated 12 women. When Jae Kyeong on night shift, the alarm on Yong Doo cell is blinking. Jae Kyeong running and saw no body at the cell. He tried to open the cell, but stopped when he saw Yong Doo in front of him. He back away and told Yong Doo to back to sleep. Yong Doo threatened him, Jae Kyeong told him to sleep and he leaves. Bae Jong Ho is coming to Yong Doo cell. Yong Doo make him angry, he opened the cell and beating Yong Doo. A prisoner threatend Oh Jae Kyeong with a knife, the officer try to calm him. Bae Jong Ho came and hitted the prisoner. He told Oh Jae Kyeong to follow him. Bae Jong Ho beating the prisoner in the other room. Bae Jong Ho locked Jae Kyeong with the prisoner. When he mentioned about Jae Kyeong girlfriend, he start beating the prisoner.
Bae Jong Ho went together with Jae Kyeong. They drunk together. They end up befriend. Bae Jong Ho teach him how to be an officer. Jae Kyeong helping Bae Jong Ho went he went to a blind date. Eun Joo calling Jae Kyeong to meet up. She told Jae Kyeong that she is pregnant. The Ministry sent the list of the prisoner who got the death execution. After the last death penalty 12 years ago, the officer hesitate to do the execution. Officer Kim try to avoid to do the execution but the chief told hhim to do that. Bae Jong Ho will do it along with officer Kim.
Eun Joo asked about the pregnancy to Jae Kyeong. Jae Kyeong told her to wait. He talk about it to Bae Jong Ho. He told Jae Kyeong to raise the baby. Jae Kyeong is still confused. Officer Kim went to his friend place, but his friend told him to stop coming. The officer started to prepare the room for execution. They tried it using the mannequin. Yong Doo tried to commit suicide before the execution. The chief told the doctor to saving him. Bae Jong Ho watching over him. Officer Kim got drunk and and told Jae Kyeong to run away on the execution day. Bae Jong Ho is coming and told Jae Kyeong to leave. Officer Kim asked Bae Jong Ho about Lee Sung Hwan. Bae Jong Ho told officer Kim to not coming on the execution day.
Officer Kim remembered about Jin Suk, an officer who was killed by the prisoner. The officer stressed over te execution. When the time is coming, the officer bring the prisoner one by one. Officer Kim coming for the execution. He come for Lee Sung Hwan. Lee Sung Hwan asked him to execute him. Lee Sung Hwan said goodbye to the officer and said thank you to officer Kim. Lee Sung Hwan trembling so hard because he is scared. Officer Kim comforting him. The last one to executed was Yong Doo, and he threatened all the people in the room before he died.
The officers went to the karaoke room after the execution. Everyone stressed because of that. Jae Kyeong drunk and went to Eun Joo places. Jae Kyeong asked Eun Joo to raise rhe baby, but Eun Joo already went to the hospital for abortion. Eun Joo told him to leave her. Officer Kim retired. Bae Jong Ho started to hear voice, he went to the execution room and screaming. Jae Kyeong drunk alone and crying. He continued to work at the prison.

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