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Movie: Deranged (English Title)
Hangul: 연가시
Revised Romanization: Yeongashi
Director: Park Jung-Woo
Writer: Park Jung-Woo, Kim Kyoung-Hoon, Jo Dong-In
Producer: Kim Sang-Oh, Oh Sung Il, Baek Kyung-Sook, Kang Moon-Hwan
Cinematographer: Ki Se-Hoon
Release Date: July 5, 2012
Distributor: CJ Entertainment
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Kim Myung Min - Jae Hyuk
Moon Jung Hee - Gyung Soon
Kim Dong Wan - Jae Pil
Lee Ha Nui - Yeon Joo
Kang Shin Il - Doctor Hwang
Jo Deok Hyeon - Tae Won
Jung In Gi - Sales office manager
Lee Hyeong Cheol - Jason Kim


An epidemic of drownings, with victims jumping into the river causes panic around the country. The government declares a state of emergency. Medical supplies salesman Jae Hyuk (Kim Myung Min) suspects his family is showing symptoms of the drowning victims. Through his brother, Detective Jae Pil (Kim Dong Wan), Jae Hyuk learns an antidote may be stored by at a warehouse.

Hello, i'm back^^ It's been a long time since i wrote my last movie review. Here's the movie, i watched this because of Kim Dongwan a member of Shinhwa^^ Happy reading and don't forget to watch this movie. I cried while watching this movie TT.TT Review were made by poe_rea

Jae Hyuk baby sitting his boss's family to an amusement park. When he is back to his apartement, his brother (Detective Jae Pil) waiting for him to borrow some money. Jae Pil planned to buy some stock pharmacy but he refuse to lend the money. Jae Hyuk got angry after saw his family eating pizza. Jae Hyuk work as sales on a pharmacy factory. Jae Pil tried to borrow money from his girl friend, Yeon Joo, but she refuse him too.
One night, Jae Hyuk found out his wife (Gyung Soon) and childrens eating a lot of food, and he is getting angry. On early morning, a couple going to a walk, and found a corpse at the river. Jae Pil came to check the corpse. The corpse is drowning and looks like malnutrition. The forensic doctor said, he found 2 cases at the different place.
The next day, on the news, there's many corpse found along the river. Jae Pil went to the Gangwon Do to check the water. When Jae Hyuk playing golf with the boss and the colleague, the boss keep drinking water and he looks like having dehidration symptom. When they arrived on a pool, the boss running to the water and drowned himself. Jae Hyuk tried to help him, but he already died and showing symptom like the other corpse.
Jae Pil checking the water source on Gangwon Do. Jae Hyuk went home, and saw his wife and childrens keep drinking water. Gyung Soon crying because her friend's family were died. Jae Pil staying around the river and sleeping in the car. While he is sleeping, many people passing him and went to the river. The next morning, He shocked because he found many corpse on the river. Many people died around the country.
The government start to search what happen to the people. They check the water, but there's nothing wrong with that. When the health workers found a corpse on a bathtube, they found some worm and bring it to the laboratory. Doctor Hwang exemined the worm and said it's a yeongasi, an insect parasite.

The government announced the source of the disaster, and tell the symptom. After watch the news, Jae Hyuk running home and told his family. He bring his family to the hospital. There's chaos around the hospital, many people come asking for treatment. The doctor want to try anti parasite drug, but Yeon Joo said it can't be used. At the emergency room, there's a high school girl who were infected and she is taking anti parasite drug. She screaming in pain and in the end she is died.
The police close all the water source. When Jae Hyuk tried to bring his family to the hospital, Gyung Soon tried to drowning herself, and his child keep drinking water. Jae Hyuk calling Jae Pil asking for help. When Jae Pil getting ready to leave, he saw many people running to water source. He helping to stop the people from going to the water.
The next morning, the people who was infected being calm. Only at night they trying to drowning them self. The government announced the National Disaster. They told people to come to the hospital and waiting for the treatment.
Jae Pil found an old men, who know about the disaster. He told Jae Pil everything. Jae Hyuk taking care his family at the hospital. They found a patient who were survived from the infection, and he show the medicine. Jae Hyuk treid to go to the pharmacy to found the medicine. He asking his sales manager (Jung In Gi) to helping him. The government asking for the pharmacy company to make the medicine, but the company didn't want to cooperate with the government.
When Jae Hyuk come back to the hospital, he found the patient were isolated. He can't meet with his family. Jung In Gi calling Jae Hyuk and said he found the medicine. Jae Hyuk rushed to his place. When Jae Hyuk found the medicine, some people knew it and try to take the medicine. He lost the medicine. Jae Hyuk tried to find the medicine on the internet, and found someone who sell it secretly. When he arrived at that place, the police came and arrested that people.

The government decided to buy the pharmacy company who has the medicine formula, they asking a lot of money from the government. Jae Pil calling Jae Hyuk and said he found the medicine at a warehouse. They tried to take all the medicine, but someone lock them and set the warehouse on fire. Luckily Yeon Joo came and save them.
Yeon Joo told Jae Hyuk where is the main formula for the medicine. He rushed to the factory to take all the main formula. The people and the worker are helping him. He bring the formula to the other pharmacy companies, and the other company together making the medicine and saving the patients.
-The End-

Source: Asian Wiki, poe_rea

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