Rabu, 18 Oktober 2017

Food VLOG: Zushioda

Hello I'm Riana~ I'm having dinner at Zushioda for this time.
Address: Jalan Tukad Barito Timur No. 99A, Renon, Denpasar.
Open hours: 10:00 - 23:00 (every day)
Phone: 0896-3794-7986
I'm craving for Japanese ramen, so I went to this Japanese restaurant.
I bought small portion of miso ramen. The visual was really pretty. I love boiled egg, sweet corn and seaweed. It's taste so tasty. There's spinach and slice of chiken too. I wonder what is those white and pink things. 
Even though I bought the small portion ramen, I got plenty of this. I bought the ramen for 32,000 IDR.
Next menu is salmon cheesy aburi. Aburi means flame seared. Aburi sushi is the innovation of flame searing the seafood in order to create new textures while enhancing its natural flavours.
Honestly, I didn't taste the cheese, It's supposed to be melted right? If they flame searing the sushi.
I bought salmon cheesy aburi for 19,000 IDR
The last menu was chicken katsu. It consists of a breaded, deep-fried chicken cutlet one to two cm thick that is sliced into bite-sized pieces or strips.
But, the katsu was too pale for my liking, I means it's supposed to be brown right?
I bought chicken katsu for 18,000 IDR. I bought some dimsum for take out.
After digesting all the meal above, I order green tea gelato as the dessert. I though the colorful thing is a candy, but it's hard to chew that thing. I bought the gelato for 18,000 IDR.
That was my dinner. I think the ramen was worth to buy. I'll come back again if I ever craving miso ramen^^
Have a good day and see you next time~

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