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The House of Changwon - 창원의 집

The House of Changwon was home to Du-cheol(pen name Toeeun), a famous scholar. This house is now used as a traditional lifestyle and culture learning center for studying traditional Korean culture and customs. Built on a 10,209  site, the house contains 14 buildings, including one exhibiting collections of farming tools. The establishment itself is one of few living artifacts in the country, offering a peak into how ancient Koreans lived.
The venue provides a cultural class for visitors and other events and functions such as a chapel for traditional weddings and other ceremonies. Nevertheless, it is a great escape from the bustling downtown as the house features spacious room for a leisurely walk, in addition to beautiful gardens and ponds that Toeeun used to love.

Managing Organization
Changwon CIty Facilities Management Center

Program Information
  • Traditional folk games: Neolttwigi (traditional Korean see-saw), Tuho (traditional arrow-throwing game)
  • Traditional Korean wedding experience (traditional wedding costumes available for photo taking)
  • Education program available

Exhibition Hall Information
Multipurpose area, folklore education, anchae (main building), sarangchae (men's part of the house), exhibition of farming equipment, millstone (worked by a horse/ox), octagonal pavilion, pond

Admission / Participation Fees
Free of Charge

General Overview
Wedding hall for traditional wedding ceremony (reservation required)

59, Sarim-ro 16 beon-gil, Uichang-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do (Sarim-dong)
경상남도 창원시 의창구 사림로16번길 59 (사림동)

From Masan Bus Terminal or Changwon Station, take bus No. 22, 60, 60-1, 300 and get off at 'The House of Changwon' bus stop.

culture.changwon.go.kr (Korean only)


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