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Yeongdong Grape Festival (영동 포도축제)

Yeongdong in southern Chungcheongbuk-do Province is the largest producer of grapes in Korea. YeongdongGrape is known for its sweet, fresh flavor and for having a great, sunlight-rich climate and stark temperature contrasts between day and night. Every year, in celebration of its top crop, Yeongdong hosts a festival where visitors pick grapes in a vineyard or fish them out of a pool, followed by using them to make different types of food, such as wine, chocolate, dry persimmon, and more, and simply enjoy the beautiful scenery of Yeongdong Town all the while. It is a perfect opportunity to experience grapes with all five senses and take some home at affordable prices.

Opening ceremony, Saturday culture performance, event during weekdays

[Grape Activities]
Grape picking, grape stomping, grape fishing, tuho using grapes, grape rolling, searching for grapes, etc

[Wine Experience]
Well-being wine foot bath, wine making

[Crafts Experience]
Handkerchief dyeing using natural dye, balloon art using Yeongdong grapes, making grape bingsu (shaved ice dessert), making chocolates, grape gummy candy, masks and soaps, clay art, hanji crafts, etc

[Water Activities for Children]
Trampoline, puzzle, inflatable slide, etc

Yeongdong-gun / Grape Farm Alliance in Yeongdong-gun

122 Yeongdonghwanggan-ro, Yeongdong-eup, Yeongdong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
충청북도 영동군 영동읍 영동황간로 122 (영동읍)

Yeongdong Gymnasium area (영동 체육관), Yongdu Park, Wine Korea.

From Seoul Station, take a train to Yeongdong

Take a taxi from Yeongdong Station to the festival venue (Yeongdong gymnasium)

www.ydpodo.co.kr (Korean)


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